Lo. Australian. 19

This is somewhere for me to have a ramble about fitness and nutrition and health and good things like that!

After losing almost 25 kg (48 lbs), my goal is to continue to improve my fitness and to help anyone else who wants to do the same by sharing what I've learnt.


Pescetarian, occasional keto, full time IF-er, lifting heavy things, yoga, university
“This sounds strange but i want to loose weight bit i feel as though i need someone to talk to about it so that they can keep me on track on keep me aiming for my goal! If i message you not on anonymous will you reply privately and give me tips and support ect? It doesn't matter if you're too busy with your own things or whatever, it's just a request! xx”

Yep, definitely. I’d love to help you on this journey! This goes to anyone else reading as well. x

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